Thoughts while reading Glen Greenwald “No Place to Hide”

I have to share some thoughts and parts of the compelling book about Ed Snowden by Glenn Greenwald even before I finish reading it.

One could probably listen to Eric Schmidt advice who said that “if you have something to hide probably you should not have done it in the first place” and think, oh yeah he is right, If I have something to hide, is clearly something illegal, I must have stolen or done something horrible that I want to hide!

This IS NOT SO! here a couple of statements from Glenn Greenwald’s book No Place to hide, that will clarify why not.

“Initially, it is always the country’s dissidents and marginalized who bear the brunt of the surveillance, leading those who Support the government or are merely apathetic to mistakenly believe they are immune.”

“A citizenry that is aware of always being watched quickly becomes a compliant and fearful one.”

So many improvements come to society that are initially thought of as illegal, furthermore there are moments which rightfully so have to remain intimate and shared only with whom each one chooses to share them.

Back to reading now.

Thanks and to all Secret agents that are spying on us, please consider that in order to defend freedom and the constitution of democratic countries Edward Snowden’s and Jullien Assange’s examples are the ones to follow.


Thank you
Edward Snowden selfie with Glenn Greenwald, David Miranda and Laura Poitras

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