TEDxGeneva coming up bringing some memories of when I first started working

I remember when I started working in 1989, I was developing a diagnostic system for a very high end graphical workstation, working in C and microcode, in a very advanced environment, we had SUN machines back then were the state of the art of computing, when I came across GNU/EMACS.

Wow I was simply going wild, all I could do with that “editor” was just so powerful, but what was even more powerful was the licensing, free software had crossed my path.

I admire the ethics and rightfulness of Richard Stallman, he dedicated his life trying to  make sure that people are protected in their freedom from proprietary systems.

If not for Richard Stallman, probably all software, would have been proprietary and the internet surely would not have existed as we know it today.

So I am really looking forward, to going to TEDxGeneva on the 7th of april where there will be many beacons of freedom.


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