Windows 10 is here and still the same old Microsoft

Users? what are they? Never mind we are the kings of the world!!!!! Are you?

All the following images come from the official website and were captured the 29th of July.

Ok, let’s imagine that for some reason you decide to get Windows ten, first thing I went to website, you find this welcoming line telling you how easy it is to get you free upgrade. Very simple, you need to use the “Get Windows 10” app! Ok, so I click to download the Get Windows 10 app, but it’s not a link. Somewhere on the page there surely is a download link for this easy app that I can download so I can download windows 10, mmm or is there? Well actually no this Get Windows 10 app is nowhere to be seen.

Windows 10

Well I eventually find a link to download an image file in orther to install Windows 10 and on this new page a new question arises, do you need to buy it? or is it free? Ah ok it’s free but I need to Shop now in order to buy it?

Buy now upgrade for free


Ok eventually we managed to buy the product for free by shopping now, let’s move on, we have to choose what edition we want.

That should be simple enough, there is a select dropdown menu that allowes us to choose.

Select Edition


mmm ok, so what edition do I need? 10? 10KN, 10N 10 Single Language?

what does it even mean?????? Nowhere on the page there is any explanation regarding the meaning of the different editions, how am I supposed to choose???

I am always amazed at how hard and complicated Microsoft manages to make things which are really simple!!! I imagine they do this to reduce the number of people that will actually be using this trap, which is a good thing since windows 10 is such a privacy blunder that keeping people away from installing it is actually a very good thing.