Electronic noses and privacy. Bang in a breath all is known!

electronic noseElaborate artificial noses able to sniff diseases inspired by dogs that can detect people having different types of tumours are being prototyped.

This means that in a few years we will be wearing sniffing devices that will be able to tell us all sorts of information about our environment and the people around us.

One breath and we can analyse the quality of the air, or, imagine this,  you invite a friend for dinner, maybe a romantic dinner, you are all excited, have delicious wine, thanks to your sniffing powers you can appreciate food 100 fold more,  you can visualise the fields where cows producing the milk for your reblochon graze, when suddenly a pungent smell distracts your attention, your friend has arrived, but you cannot take your mind away from this smell, you know, it is the distinct sign of pulmonary cancer! Bang! the good thing is that you can detect it in it’s very early stages therefore treatments will be far more efficient.

Walking down the road you will be able to instantly know all sort of intimate things about people just passing by, are they sick, did they just have sex and on goes the list.

Privacy today seems a difficult issue, but we need to start thinking about when a simple sniff, will reveal all about the persons closeby.

Interesting times ahead.


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