Digital Venice: frenzy and dismay

Digital Venice

Huge investments to provide broadband all over the place WHY???? so people can be fed more TV, youtube kittens, google and facebook soup faster???

So that we can be spied upon and controlled better? Is this what Europe really wants?

We need focus, broadband without direction is going to be money wasted with the result of making us even more dependent on closed silos hegemony.

1) Importance of digital: That digital is fundamental is finally understood. What is not understood is that the focus has to be on providing experiences and not technical features, inspiring and not imposing, informing and not overloading with information. The tools we create have to be transparent and enable us to feel super human WITHOUT stealing our data in exchange.

2) Local hubs for innovation and exchange: We need to provide capillary distributed spaces where intergenerational exchange and discovery and information are possible. Sharing success stories both local and global is fundamental, creating sessions in schools where this sharing is cultivated is one way. There is no need for hyperbolic speeds to use a 3D printer, publish a blog or develop an application. Little hubs/incubators interconnected where ideas and innovation are shared and fed are a better way to invest.

3) Global rating for IoT: Create a globally recognized, people driven, certification for any programmable connected object (The Internet of Things or IoT) that comprises, security best practices, easy and safe updating procedures, information of risks involved, ethics (are we controlling the program or is the program controlling us?) A call for an indie people driven label for IoT

4) Silos alternatives: Launch an european ethical alternative to the closed silos that are BECOMING the internet facebook, google, amazon. The only way to do this is to focus on a better experience than existing ones, without vested interests. A very promising way is led by indietech

Having started programming in 1982 and since then being active in the digital world, in various roles, from web development, to communication, entrepreneurship, training and advising in different countries, mostly in europe, I have a broad experience and vision of the digital world.

I want a digital and connected world because I think that it can really make us better people, with more freedom, innovation, and imagination, but we need to move in an organized and coherent way NOW!



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