2 tips to improve user experience of Le Web website

In the hope of going to Le Web I was looking at the program and blog, and I just had to write down quickly these two ways to improve the user experience on the site.

1) Do not use the same image as a link to 2 different pages

blog le web

Very confusing as it keeps me looking for a way to go back to the blog home page.
Since I cannot find one I have to go by trial and error.

This can be easily solved by having a logo for the blog or a more traditional navigation

2) Reduce useless stress and pain on people using the site


After clicking on the speaker we arrive on the corresponding page, but the position in the bottom bar is lost, leaving me obliged to click yet another 14 or up to 24 times if I want to go to the last page!


To improve this you need to keep track of the position at which I arrived and keep it once I land on the new page.

Thanks for reading

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