Life lover, digital enthusiast since 1982. I help empower people to live, learn and work better focusing on user experience, happiness and freedom at the digital age.
Conferences speaker and organiser, motivational speaker and trainer in French, English or Italian.
Entrepreneur, web-developer, insatiably curious of life, I apply what I learn to make my customers and my customer's customers happy.
Free software and tech ambassador

Me in 10 seconds
Born in Italy, grew up in Brazil, went to university (electrical & electronic engineering) in England now living in France. Other than the four languages of the countries I lived in I also speak Spanish and am passionate about technology, music, people life and TED. I believe technology has to be transparent to the final user. "I am not good with computers" means "Computers are not good enough for you"
What I learned
Most people have as ultimate aim that of being happy. Very few actually follow a path that has happiness as an integral part of their life. We need to rethink life strategy and understand why we do things. The digital world demands new thinking, In a world controlled by digital connected objects, if you do not control the objects, the objects control you
What Can I do for you
Help you prepare and implement the digital transition Help you define and implement your company strategy to embrace to the full extent the power of the web Define user interface and user experience for your website, mobile App, e-commerce Lead an international team on technological projects Define and develop your internet presence Define and develop your intranet Evangelize your product or concept

Let me know your projects I’ll let you know how I can help